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Lose Weight at Home With These Killer Exercise Videos – Best Products

Best Products

Teri Jory’s Fit and Fierce: Take Back Your Core

Strengthen your core while also working your upper and lower body with this disc. The workouts are separated into three sections that will help seriously sculpt your abs.


3 Tips for a Healthy Pre-Wedding Holiday –

Resisting comfort food during the holidays is no easy feat. From office parties to family festivities avoiding creamy mashed potatoes or your grandma’s mac and cheese is nearly impossible. Add the stress of wedding planning to the mix and before you know it you’re on a downward slide into carb fest. We get it. So before you drown your sorrows in eggnog here is an easy guide to eating, drinking and being merry without gaining a muffin top.

Make a Plan
Short of hiding out until January 2nd there is no way to completely avoid the endless trays of fatty foods you will encounter. So we say, beat them to the punch and offer to supply a healthier version of your holiday weaknesses. If you make it yourself, you have control of the ingredients. “The key to enjoying yourself starts with striking a balance between enjoying seasonal treats and making smart choices,” says Vitamin Shoppe nutritionist Brianna Diorio. Here are Diorio’s food swaps to try.

Mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes.
Steam your veggie, and then mash it with a little olive oil and sea salt. If you want to make it a little creamier, add coconut milk.

Roasted sweet potatoes instead of candied yams with marshmallows.
Wash and slice your yams in half. Drizzle with olive oil. Roast for 30-45 minutes.

Real cranberry sauce instead of canned cranberry jelly.
Combine one bag of frozen or fresh cranberries with cinnamon, nutmeg and 3/4 cup pineapple juice in a saucepan. Bring mixture to a boil. Once it thickens reduce to a simmer and add the juice of a fresh orange. Allow the mixture to simmer for an additional 15 minutes. Remove from heat and chill in the fridge for four hours.

See More: Tips to Help You Slim Down Like a Celeb

Don’t Guzzle
While a drink or two won’t ruin your figure, alcohol can really pack on the pounds, says Suzanne Bowen fitness guru and creator of BarreAmped. “Brut Champagne is my favorite drink on earth and it’s lower in calories than other spirits,” she says. If bubbly isn’t your thing but you still want to indulge, “make it a point to order a seltzer water with lime between each cocktail,” says Jackie Newgent, RDN, culinary nutritionist and author of The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook. “It helps to keep you hydrated [and is filling], which can stop you from overindulging.” she says. Her other suggestion: sip it slowly and sexily. You can also try this under 80 calorie festive mocktail, a fave of Teri Joy, creator of POISE Fitness Technique, which is a combination of martial arts, ballet, pilates and body sculpting.

Cranberry Non-Daiquiri
Serves 6
Blend three cups of frozen unsweetened cranberries in until almost smooth. Add ice, one cup of orange juice, its zest and 3/4 cup of maple syrup. Blend again.

Keep it Moving
Unfortunately, there is no substitute for exercise if you want to melt away unwanted fat. Plus, physical activity is your body’s best friend for reducing the effects of stress. The fastest ways to see results in minimum time is by combining resistance training and cardio, says New York Health & Racquet Club Master Barre instructor, Celeste Garcia. “Using resistance tools like long bands, and jumping rope works wonders,” she says. Here are her favorite easy moves that you can do anywhere.

Plank/mountain climbers, pilates bridge with a ball between your inner thighs, jumping rope, c-curve abs with long band around your feet to add resistance. Do each exercise for one minute, 4 times each.



Restore Your Core: Progressive Exercises for Post Pregnancy – American Fitness Magazine



POISE Core Training and Strong & Sexy Full Body Workout With Instructor Dr. Teri Jory Review – My Journey with Candida

The POISE Core Training is a new revolutionary technique designed to tone, strengthen and sculpt your body for a leaner, sleeker look.  A comprehensive approach to physical and mental fitness.

Poise Core Training builds strength from the center of your body, beginning with your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.  This core strength ten helps to tone your hips, legs, buns and abs. (more…)


Dr. Teri Jory’s POISE Fit & Fierce ~ Take Back Your Core – My Journey with Candida Fit & Fierce: Take Back Your Core is divided into three sections to target all body parts to provide a full body workout.  Section one (23 minutes) builds power and sculpts arms and back with inner core activation.   Section two (22 minutes) develops svelte and strong legs with inner core activation, and Section three (18 minutes) cuts #fit and #fierce #abs to activate the inner core and pelvic floor muscles.  Dr. Teri Jory gives clear explanation and instruction on the inner core (deep) and outer core (surface) muscles that all attach to the pelvis providing a solid body foundation. (more…)


My Career Choice: Teri Jory – Poise Productions –

Teri Jory

Friday, November 28th, 2014
by  on Woman Around Town

Being a high profile TV anchor and reporter, made Teri Jory a target for a stalker. Yet she didn’t let that horrific experience dictate her future. Rather she drew on her strengths to survive and reinvent herself and what she has accomplished is unbelievable.

Her resume is impressive: an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified trainer, fourth degree black belt, professional ice skater, dancer, choreographer, wife, and mother of twins. The POISE technique was born when she began experimenting with different body positions and movements, combining martial arts, body sculpting, and ballet so she could get back in shape after the birth of her twins. For over 14 years, Teri has successfully trained women and men of all levels, at her POISE fitness studio in California. She has been applauded for her work with breast cancer survivors as she helps them to gain a better quality of life during, and in the aftermath of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. Teri’s newest DVD is POISE Fit & Fierce: Take Back Your Core. A portion of the sales of her POISE DVDs are given to Breast Cancer foundations. You can follow Teri’s story on her website.

Can you point to one event that triggered your interest in your career?
My first true love was ice skating. Skates felt like an organic extension of my feet, and skating was a natural progression from walking. As a junior champion, I trained five-and-a-half hours per day, and there was nothing better than getting on the ice to warm up, skating as fast as I could around the ice and feeling the wind blowing my hair back. It was such a feeling of freedom and joy, like I couldn’t be touched or stopped – as though I was a “superhero warrior.”

After the warm-up from the laps around the rink, I would go to the side rail and shut my eyes, make myself breathe and focus on imagining the rest of my practice session. Then, I would do some core strengthening exercises of ballet barre and stretch my legs, hips and back to activate and isolate the muscles needed for a more focused part of my practice.

I knew becoming a champion would take more than going and skating every day, because some great skaters were much better than me, yet every time they would go into a competition they would fall. They just didn’t have the consistency, and I would be the one who came out on top.

I knew, even back then, how important it was for me to meditate, think about my breathing and be connected to my body. Now at the time in my life when I don’t get out of bed in the morning until my body is centered, I know exactly what this routine at the side rail was – I was centering myself and making adjustments according to what my body told me. Mind you, nobody ever told me to do any of these warm-up techniques; I just intuitively knew to do them. I knew what made me perform best. As life went on, that routine of centering myself fell by the wayside; I didn’t realize how dangerous this was until the unthinkable happened.

I was in Arizona, working as an award-winning television news anchor and health reporter, when one of my sources started stalking me. Several times, I reported sightings and death threats to the police, but as nothing had actually happened, they couldn’t help me.

Eventually, however, the stalker took action. He broke into my apartment, held a gun to my head and told me that he was going to kill me.

He tied me up, beat me and then tried to strangle me to death. I was on my hands and knees and he had me in a chokehold with his fingers down my throat. It felt like a dream, I wished it was a dream, but I knew that it wasn’t.

I could feel myself starting to get faint and lose consciousness, but I kept my mind focused thinking, I will not allow myself to black out and die at the hands of this man. I will not allow this man to kill me. I will survive, whatever it takes. My mom, family and friends would be heartbroken to think about the pain I had endured if I were to die and so my mind was in fast-forward, continuously thinking about every possible escape scenario.

All of a sudden, I thought of myself back at the side rail of my old skating rink, and I said to myself, Connect to your body. Connect to your body, find that center and breathe. In my mind, I went through my fingertips, wrists, arms shoulders, my entire body until I got to the core. My body went into “superhero warrior” mode; I gathered up every last drop of power I had inside my soul and managed to break away.

I called the police from a neighbor’s house while the stalker stole my car and took off. A police chase ensued into a very populated area, where he started threatening to kill other people – but the police ended up killing him. The nightmarish time I’d been experiencing at the hands of this man, through both the threats and the attack itself, was finally over.

The woman from a women’s shelter who came to my assistance stayed by my side, holding my hand and telling me over and over again, “What happened is not your fault. Stay poised, just stay poised.”

At that point, I knew that I could either roll over and let my heart and soul die or I could persevere. I was aware not only that I would never be the same person I was before this horrendous incident, but that I could grow from it, somehow. I realized that mental and physical astuteness were the life forces that kept me alive. But where did all that strength come from when I was near unconsciousness? If you’d have asked me before this happened what I would do in such a situation, I would not have been able to answer.

It wasn’t until later, when I was recounting the experience in my journal, my safe place to release my emotions, that I realized exactly what I had done. Wow! I could have lost my life right there, but I connected. I did it. In the moment of being captured and almost killed by a six-foot, three-inch man, I experienced, and then realized, the true ultimate power inside that drives one’s determination into action. I was spurred to move in a new direction.

What steps did you take to begin your education or training?
I am a lifetime student of the body. Ballet and pilates had been huge pieces of my figure skating champion puzzle and continued to be prominent in my life as a professional ice skater, dancer and choreographer, but now was the time for something that would help me focus and center my body in a completely different way- martial arts. Martial arts helped me to truly realize and focus my power source inside and become the person I am today: a fourth-degree black belt and an experienced warrior – as opposed to a survivior – with an empowered and lively soul. I continually study and stay current on the latest fitness research and certifications: American Council on Exercise, TRX, and Zumba.

When did your career reach a tipping point? 
It wasn’t until I gained eighty pounds through a tough pregnancy that I found my true purpose. After giving birth to twins, I struggled to find enough time and the proper technique to get my body back into shape. Sheer determination was my guide: I relied on my past athletic training and began to experiment in combining moves from martial arts, ballet, and body sculpting. My body quickly responded to the new regimen, toning, sculpting, and ultimately shedding the weight I’d gained.

Teri2Along the way, were people encouraging or discouraging?
My friends started asking me what I was doing and I showed them; and then their friends started asking them what they were doing. Suddenly all these people were encouraging me, “You have to find the time to teach us, please.” And I thought, Wow. They get it; I can do this and I want to do this. It’s my passion to train people and watch them transform physically and mentally. Currently, I have a boutique studio in southern California where I train by appointment only, and also train people all over the world via Skype.

What single skill has proven to be most useful?
Although what I went through was anyone’s worst nightmare, it gave way to a new compassion in me because I know how deep I had to dig to find my ultimate mental and physical power. I was put on the spot and had to realize my full potential immediately. Now I listen, hear and try to understand my clients’ perspectives and goals to help them fully realize their ultimate power and potential and make their dreams come true, whatever they are. It takes the skill of compassion to truly understand how bodies and minds work.….because every body is different and comes from an alternate motivational vantage point.

Can you describe a challenge you had to overcome?
I had to deconstruct my exercises to a precise technique so that everybody could understand and execute them. This took hours at my desk and in the studio. And voila…the POISE technique was born, a fun challenging program for ALL levels – beginner to the professional athlete.

What about this career choice did you find most appealing?
I love being able to workout everyday, all day. But even more satisfying is watching my clients find their core strength and then see them transform mentally and physically. One day they’re hurtin during their training session, the next day that same training session is their warm-up, seriously. This is because when you come from your center and you’re connected to your body, seeing from inside out and not seeing outside in – meaning what other people are seeing of us or what’s expected of us – that is when you can achieve your goals. Seeing from the inside out makes everything clear, like the difference between a high-definition and a regular TV or movie screen, but it takes effort. You have to first of all work on yourself to constantly find that center; every day that center might be different because you had a divergent experience the day before. You see, we go through life wearing our stresses and strains and, through doing what is expected of us, we lose our true selves. A lot of us don’t think, “I’m so confident.” Instead, we think, “I’m not sure this is what I want to do, but I don’t know if I can do anything else.” You have to have a safe place. You need that to be able to let go, to be able to connect with yourself and let your real emotions shine through and your safe place should be you, at one with your core. You should wake up every day, put that energy in your core, feel the power and get up, saying, “Now, what am I going to accomplish?”

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Being so much more connected with myself, I started going after my own long-held dreams, one of which was ice-skating outside in the park. When I moved to New York, I knew it was my chance to make that dream come true. Wintertime came; I grabbed my ice skates and went to Bryant Park for the greatest New York experience ever! I got to encounter my first love, ice-skating, outside. It was snowing and I felt like I was in a snow globe, the only one alive.

I was truly living my dream; I was that “superhero warrior” once more. As I started out skating laps around the rink, going as fast as I could. I felt the freedom, but I also felt a new awareness of my body that I hadn’t felt before. Can this really be happening? I wondered. I kept going through my regular training routine, and yes, it was true – I was actually better than I was before. I could fly as high as I wanted to because my body was so much stronger and knowledgeable about where my posture needed to be placed. Fascinated by this validation of core strength, I couldn’t get enough, and I was even more inspired to share with the world that we can all be superheroes in our own lifestyles. My award winning POISE DVDs allow me to guide viewers to their core center and/or find the imbalances in their body and correct them. Once they know how to center themselves, balance is restored and the body’s innate capacity to transform itself kicks in. This is my greatest accomplishment: To guide each and every person to a fabulous healthy body and increased mental and physical toughness.

From my experience with the attack and from coaching many clients, I know now that every one of us has an abundance of power inside; and most of us are only using a fraction of the mental and physical power within us, skimming only the tip of the iceberg. I was determined to not let my perpetrator win during the capture, and he didn’t. What are you determined to do or not do in your life? What could you do if you were coming from you center?

Did you ever doubt your decision and attempt a career change?

Any advice for others entering your profession?
Besides hard work, I believe three things help a trainer be successful: 1) Stay passionate about helping your clients achieve their goals, and always have fun doing it together. 2) Be honored and humbled that your clients trust you with their sacred bodies and minds. And 3) Continue to study and stay current on the latest fitness research, exercises, and fads.

– See more at:



Fitness experts explain what’s hot and what’s not for 2015 – Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune


By Danielle BraffChicago Tribune

Get ready to connect with your exercise equipment digitally at home or in the gym while lifting weights and competing with your peers in 2015. It’s time to ditch your Zumba shoes and slap on some wearable technology before you hit the studio. Here’s what’s hot and what’s not in the gym world this new year.


What’s hot: Digital engagement, said Jennifer Hogg, group fitness manager for Equinox.


Why it’s going to be trendy in 2015: Looking beyond just the overflow of generic online workout videos, consumers will be searching for customized and personalized interaction through multiple digital devices and looking for high-level expertise to curate their workout programs. There is a tool for everyone to be able to track their workouts and to see their sleep patterns. These quantifiable devices really allow you to get a clear snapshot of where you are. It’s not just about the exercises; it’s also about nutrition and regeneration. The ability to track workouts is so valuable, Hogg said, and it gets people excited. “It’s almost like having an assistant coach with you at all times,” she said. Too, in gym situations, people can link up digitally with others and become virtual workout buddies, holding each other accountable.


What’s hot: Revisiting high-intensity interval training, according to Hogg.


Why it’s going to be trendy in 2015: We will see an evolution, including some new approaches. Recent scientific research shows that the current excessive participation is unsustainable, Hogg said. Watch for programs that begin to move away from the randomness and excessiveness of HIIT and focus on recovery-based training and a balanced, sustainable approach. You get a lot of bang for your buck, Hogg said, and you burn a lot of calories for the time.


What’s hot: Competition-based fitness, said Patricia Friberg, fitness instructor, mental health counselor and creator of the “Belly Beautiful workout” DVD.


Why it’s going to be trendy in 2015: Whether you enjoy the treadmill, cycling or rowing, there are so many devices (consoles, watches, big screens) that track how hard you’re working on your own or within a class, Friberg said. But rather than tracking your exercise quietly, these will become used competitively this year as motivational tools via social media and within the classes, she said. Outdoor adventure races will continue to pack trails and fields.


What’s hot: Body-weight training, Hogg said.


Why it’s going to be trendy in 2015: You’re going to be taking your squat or lunge to the next level by adding loads and making the movement stronger. This trend in using one’s own weight for exercise has quickly gained real traction. “Expect to see it continue to expand in all movement experiences, including group and personal training,” Hogg said. “Look for the comprehensive incorporation of gymnastics, adult jungle gyms, workout spaces that are uncluttered with weight-training machines and open for training, greater suspension-training options, primal movements and more programming that is less focused on standard weight-lifting protocols.”


What’s hot: Working out at home, said Gretchen Zelek, co-creator of Do or Die Fitness, a full line of fitness tools (


Why it’s going to be trendy in 2015: With more people working from home — and others trying to find a good work-life balance — it should be no surprise that one of the fitness trends of 2015 will be working out at home using subscription and online fitness classes, Zelek said. “Online education is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world, and digital media is being created for fitness and wellness professionals to provide unique ways for consumers to work out at home,” she explained. Classes can fit into anyone’s schedule, and participants can pick their own duration, intensity, level type and purpose with very little equipment, according to Zelek. Online classes are taught by personal trainers and fitness instructors with options of either signing up for classes taken via live interactive instruction with a group or by yourself. Another option is recorded streaming classes available anytime. Classes can be viewed on your phone, tablet, laptop or a television.


What’s hot: Competitive spin classes, Hogg said.


Why it’s going to be trendy in 2015: Cycling classes always are going to be popular, especially for men, but those that create a greater sense of community will move to the fore, especially when they create a sense of digital engagement and competition, Hogg said. Popular classes and bikes will tell the rider their average wattage, maximum RPMs and will track their ride.


What’s not so hot: Steady state cardio, Hogg said.


Why it’s not going to be trendy in 2015: People are learning that it’s not really an effective way to train, she said, adding that just getting on an elliptical machine or a treadmill for 30 minutes isn’t very effective. You have to do intervals instead. “Everybody is pressed for time, and no one has 30-40 minutes to waste at the gym,” she said. “No more wasted miles; you have to get the maximum footprint.”


What’s not so hot: Pilates on crack, said Risa Sheppard, star of the DVD “Pilates! A Gentle Formula to a Strong Body.”


Why it’s not going to be trendy in 2015: Fast-paced, high-impact aerobics done while performing Pilates moves isn’t going to be trendy because too many people are becoming injured just to burn off the calories, Sheppard said. Instead, she said, people are going to be doing Pilates and yoga for longevity — not just to look good in a bikini. “You will look good; you don’t need to kill yourself to do it,” Sheppard said.


What’s not so hot: Zumba, said Teri Jory, personal trainer and star of the “Poise Fitness” DVDs.


Why it’s not going to be trendy in 2015: Part of the reason Zumba is out is money and lack of time, Jory said. The other part of the equation is that sweat and fun don’t equal fit. “People who flocked to Zumba in 2012 may continue their Zumba workouts once in a while, but they have turned to other forms of training due to economic (body-weight training), time (HIIT) and practical (functional training) factors,” Jory said. While there will be Zumba die-hards who will continue to attend classes, they won’t have the numbers that they did in previous years. “Since then, people have experienced the bottom line: Sweat and fun don’t equal a strengthened and chiseled body,” Jory said.


Makeover Monday: Tighten Every Inch of Your Body for the Holidays –

‘Tis the season for fun and festive holiday parties and no one wants to worry about have skin sagging anywhere.
Get going now with this workout designed by Dr. Teri Jory creator of the Poise Fit & Fierce DVD so that you can eat Turkey and still be fabulous.

Makeover Monday: Tighten Every Inch of Your Body for the Holidays-slide0

Teri Joy
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Deltoid arm raises w/inner core activation
While holding 2-5 pound weights, place your palms at your side facing in toward legs; then slowly squat. Pull your abs in tight and squeeze your inside pelvic floor and butt muscles (like you’re stopping yourself from urinating) throughout entire exercise. This activates your inside core muscles to build strength and stability.

Now raise your arms up laterally until wrists meet at the top. Inhale while keeping palms facing out and away from the body. Bring arms and hands back down to your side (exhale). Complete 15-20 reps.

Pec-ups w/back kick
Get in the push-up position, making sure that palms are aligned with your shoulders. Pull your belly button in tight towards your spine, feet together, and neck is straight in line with your vertebrae.

Bend elbows out to the side as far as you can go (keeping belly sucked in), while simultaneously bending left leg into your chest (inhale). Straighten elbows while extending left leg back with flexed foot. Alternate sides and complete 30 reps total.

Tricep-ups w/oblique activation

Get back into the push-up position with palms lined up under your shoulders, belly button in tight towards your spine, feet together, and neck straight in line with your vertebrae. Bend elbows to the back slightly. Bring right knee diagonally to your left elbow and back to push-up position.
Bring left knee across your body to your right elbow and back to starting position. Complete 25 reps per side.



Holiday Gift Guide – Fitness Lovers

Poise Fit & Fierce: Take Back Your Core with Dr. Teri Jory

Get POISED with Dr. Tery Jory’s Fit & Fierce DVD! Train and gain beautiful flat-fit abs and a sculpted total body! This DVD is divided into three sections: Section 1 (23 minutes) – Builds power and sculpts arms and back with inner core activation. Develop upper body and cardio with inner core activation! Jumping jacks and arm pulses in POISE 6th position will pump and sculpt arms and back beautifully while boosting heart rate…all at one time. Section 2 (22 minutes) – Develops svelte and strong legs with inner core activation. Gain a striking lower body plus inner core activation! Martial arts heel kick and ballet arabesque with heel raises will simultaneously make legs as powerful as a black belt, and as sleek and slender as a ballerina. Section 3 (18 minutes) – You’ll cut fit and fierce abs with inner-core activation of pelvic floor muscles. Get a fierce outer core using inner core activation! POISE core fit and fierce crunches combined with POISE pelvic thrusts will give you flat-fit abs, a healthy inner core, and tight pelvic floor muscles.


New Workouts: Poise Fit & Fierce – Arkansas Democrat Gazette


Title: Poise Fit & Fierce: Take Back Your Core With Dr. Teri Jory (Poise Fitness International)

Who’s it for? Anyone looking to strengthen and define her abdominal muscles through moves pulled from body sculpting, martial arts and ballet.

What’s the goal? To “gain beautiful flat-fit abs and sculpt the total body,” rendering legs as powerful as a black belt’s and “as sleek and slender” as a ballerina’s, according to the DVD case. This is to be done through “inner core activation,” or by keeping firmly engaged the deep abdominal and pelvic-floor muscles.

Format: One 63-minute DVD that is divided into three workouts, targeting the “upper body,” “lower body” and “outer core,” respectively. It also contains an introduction that briefly outlines Jory’s philosophy and her method of becoming “poised,” which stands for “power, posture and pelvic floor”; “oneness of body and mind”; “inspiration”; “sculpted and sexy body”; and “energized and empowered.”

It’s a mouthful, but it provides a good outline of her personality, teaching style and areas of focus.

The 23-minute upper-body workout features 300 jumping jacks performed holding light handweights; 100 shallow pushups; a martial-arts back-kick/pushup combination move; and triceps dips and pulses. Throughout, Jory reminds exercisers to be mindful of engaging the core muscles and to “suck it in.”

The lower-body workout, at 22 minutes, requires a chair (or wall or couch, used for stability like a ballet barre) in the quest for “svelte and strong legs.” The moves include martial-arts heel and side kicks, and ballet-inspired heel raises and leg lifts.

The third section, 18 minutes of more traditional abdominal work targeting the “outer core,” guides exercisers through pelvic thrusts, which emphasize activation of the pelvic-floor muscles, and “fit and fierce crunches” heightened in ferocity by the use of a dumbbell.

What’s to like: Jory has a soothing voice and an encouraging manner, and she offers helpful form cues for each exercise.

Each workout packs a punch in its 20-minute running time, with moves that feel challenging yet familiar. Jory frequently urges exercisers to honor their bodies and rest if the sequences prove too intense.

Necessary gear: A mat; a set of 1- to 5-pound handweights and another weight between 3 and 20 pounds; a chair; and a balance disc or a rolled-up towel.

Who demonstrates? Jory and a rotating cast of backup exercisers, two for each workout segment.

Can I do it barefoot? Yes; it’s all done barefoot.

Instructor’s credentials: Jory is a fitness trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise, a fourth-degree black belt in Tang-Soo-Do Martial Arts, and a professional ice skater, dancer and choreographer.

Price: $19.95