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“Thanks To POISE! – After 20 years of training in fitness and nutrition, POISE has helped me reap the rewards of a sculpted and toned body more than any other workout. These rewards, however, have come from both physical and mental discipline. Additionally, I am able to adapt POISE to my traveling executive schedule. When I am on the road, I do not have to waste time going to the gym to workout. I POISE right in my hotel room and get a wonderful, strenuous workout.”

Donna Grandma / Mom / Assistant Vice President of Marketing / Certified Poise Instructor

A portion of the proceeds from DVD sales goes to Breast Cancer Foundations

POISE is a comprehensive approach to physical and mental fitness that combines pilates, dance and martial arts. POISE is a fun and rewarding way to find your center…or find the imbalances in your body and correct them. Once you know how to center yourself, balance is restored and the body’s innate capacity to transform itself kicks in. Voila, you are on your way to a fabulous new body; the one you have always dreamed of.


  • Tones and sculpts the whole body while targeting specific areas -abs and pelvic floor muscles, arms and pectorals, legs and buns.
  • Enables you to get in maximum shape in minimum time.


Tightens and tones the most important muscle in a woman’s body that aids and supports the reproductive organs – the pelvic floor muscle (PFM).

  • The pelvic floor muscle:
  • Helps you maintain control of your organs as you mature.
  • Helps you keep your organs inside your body.
  • Helps you enjoy your extracurricular activities (In other words…Have Great Sex!).
  • Aids women in childbirth.
  • Helps women get back in shape after childbirth.


POISE takes the three C’s: concentration, control and commitment.

Two instruments are used in POISE: your BODY and your MIND.


  • Awesome results for a beautiful body outside and inside.
  • Comfort in your own skin.
  • Always fun and exciting.